Shari Kalkstein

Shari Kalkstein

About Shari Kalkstein

SHARI KALKSTEIN, B.A., PTA, ACSM/EP-C; NSCA/CSCS; ACE/CPT, CMES; FAI/FAS is a Licensed Physical Therapy Assistant, Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist and Certified Personal Trainer with over 25 years experience. Shari received her Bachelor of Arts in Exercise and Sports Studies in 1993 from the University of Texas at Arlington and an Associate of Applied Science in Physical Therapy Assisting in 1990 from Broward Community. Ms. Kalkstein is the owner/president of Fortify Your Frame, Inc. a personal training business focused on improving functions of adults. Shari’s practice consists of balance and fall prevention activities, fall recovery as well as improving strength, power and endurance.Ms. Kalkstein’s wealth of knowledge and practical “field” experience make her an informative Continued Education Instructor. She brings passion, enthusiasm and innovative ideas to her presentations and keeps the day engaged with hands-on activities as well as lecture.

DBS and the Older Adult

Participants will be involved in discussion of anatomy of the gluteals, actions and functions. Causes of dormant butt syndrome as well as exercises to improve gluteal strength are discussed. Videos and pictures demonstrating atrophied glutes, as well as appropriate exercises will be part of the lecture.


1. Participants will understand DBS

2. Participants will identify exercises to help improve gluteal strength.

3. Participants will identify actions/functions of the gluteals.


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