Stephanie Evans

Stephanie Evans

About Stephanie Evans

Stephanie Evans, PT, DPT, is a distinguished physical therapist based at the University of Iowa Healthcare. Adjunct faculty to University of iowa DPT Program. Graduating with a Doctorate in Physical Therapy from the University of Iowa in 2006, she has excelled in her field, particularly in neurological rehabilitation. Stephanie has significant experience in outpatient settings, focusing on Parkinson's Disease, ALS/Neromuscular disorders, and stroke. She's a mentor to physical therapy students, a clinical instructor, and has contributed to Parkinson's disease symposiums and community lectures.

Navigating Parkinson's: A Physical Therapist's Insights for Personal Trainers

In this session attendees will delve into the complexities of Parkinson’s disease from a physical therapist’s perspective, tailored specifically for personal trainers. This lecture aims to bridge the knowledge gap between physical therapy and personal training, providing essential tools and strategies for effectively working with individuals living with Parkinson’s.


1 - Learn motor and non-motor symptoms of Parkinson's and impacts on wellness.

2 - Integrate principles and techniques from physical therapy for Parkinson's into training sessions.

3 - Discover ways to drive more effective movement for desired outcomes for individuals with advancing Parkinson's.

4 - Translate gym-based exercises to functional daily activities for persons with Parkinson's.


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