Sue Grant

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About Sue Grant

Ever since Sue earned her Professional Certificate in Fitness Instruction and Exercise Science from UC San Diego, and was ACE certified in 2003, she has enthusiastically committed herself to helping older adults stay fit and active. She is a Certified Master Instructor for FallProof, and is a Fellow of Applied Functional Science through the Gray Institute. Because cognitive health is often a concern for older adults, she went on to become a Certified Brain Health Trainer through the Ryan Glatt course. She is also an Applied Health and Human Performance Specialist with the Institute of Motion.

Adding more FUN to Workouts!

After a year of pandemic lockdowns and social isolation, now, more than ever, our older adult clients need some FUN in their lives! Your clients and classes will love these innovative, simple activities that will transform your “workouts” into “playouts!”


1. Attendees will learn how to sprinkle in imaginative reaction drills, cognitive challenges, and activities with cones, balls and balloons to their personal training sessions and classes.

2. Attendees will be able to implement these lighthearted games either virtually or in person.

3. Attendees will enjoy learning a comprehensive variety of new activities to bring smiles to their clientele.


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