Sumit Seth


About Sumit Seth

Sumit Seth is the co-founder of Naamly ( - a communication platform that helps training gym owners build their dream businesses. Sumit is a strong believer in the power of human connections and had successfully built one of the fastest growing and largest staffing firms growing it from ~$15M to ~$100M+ in revenues in under 10 years by focusing on creating long term relationships. He exited the venture to focus on his health, reconnect with family and found solace in fitness which led him to start Naamly from the grounds-up.

Business Owner's Paradox: How To Work ON Your Business While Working In It

Running your business is a LOT of work so much so that it ends up owning you and leaves you always feeling stressed, overwhelmed and anxious, a far cry from the business you had envisioned. Learn how you can balance out the big picture tasks with the doing so you truly build your dream business in the long term- one that gives you the freedom and impact you sought.


1 - Discover how to transition from being overwhelmed and burnt-out to driving growth for your business

2 - Learn Time Tested Principles and Systems to achieve Success

3 - Embrace new behaviors and attain the illusive freedom


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