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About Tracy Markley

Tracy L. Markley has been working in the fitness industry for over 20 years. She is the owner of Tracy's Personal Training, Pilates, and Yoga Studio. She was in Huntington Beach, California, for 17 years and relocated to Oregon in 2013. She is a Certified Health Fitness Specialist, Personal Trainer, Dance & Group Exercise Leader, Fitness & Nutrition, Biomechanics Specialist, AFAA Group Exercise Examiner, BOSU® Master Trainer, FiTOUR Pro-Trainer, Reiki Master-Teacher, as well as a Pilates and Yoga Instructor. She runs two stroke support groups and trains survivors worldwide via zoom. Her books and videos have helped hundreds stroke survivors and caregivers worldwide. Tracy is the author of nine books, four of which are on stroke recovery.

4 Tactics for Training Stroke Survivors

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