Tracy Markley


About Tracy Markley

Tracy Markley is the owner of Tracy's Personal Training, Pilates & Yoga Studio. Tracy was one of the IDEA 2020 Personal Trainer of the Year Finalist. She is recognized for her work, books, and helping stroke survivors worldwide. She is a NFHOF Pro (National Fitness Hall of Fame) Recognized as one of "Today's Top Trainers" in 2019. She believes “Knowledge is Power” and has earned many certifications in the fitness industry.

4 Tactics for Training Stroke Survivors

More than 795,000 people in the US have a stroke every year. Stroke survivors and their caregivers are desperately searching for help by knowledgeable fitness professionals to lead them to a strong recovery after their physical therapy has ended. In this session Tracy will share 4 Tactics for training a stroke survivor. Tracy is in communication daily with stroke survivors in support groups and hears their needs. She will bring to you messages directly from survivors.


1 - Communicating between a fitness professional and a Stroke Survivor is Essential.

2 - Having knowledge of muscles and fascia and what movements each participate in is a must!

3 - Knowing when to switch up a routine based on a survivor’s progress.

4 - Understanding the Brain heals in its own order. This order is scattered and does not always make sense.


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